Monday, December 21, 2009


l would like to wish all my blogging friends a Very Merry Christmas & Healthy New Year !....Thank you all for your visits to my blog and all the lovely comments you leave ! Stay safe everyone...sending hugs X

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hi everyone !

l have not been around much this last few weeks, as l have just not had time.There´s been a few health issues in the family that needed my attention, so that has been the priority. Hope everyone has been well and have alot of your christmas prep. nearly finished.l am a little behind, but hope to catch up over the next few days.. l am going to try to visit all your blogs very soon, and catch up with all your news! well, l am off to have a cup of tea and get some breakfast.. Take care everyone ! hugs susan x

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday 13th ! unlucky ? or maybe not !!

Its my BIRTHDAY !!! Having a lovely day, got lots of cards and pressy´s this morning, and lovely bouquet of my fav flowers from hubby.Went into town and had a coffee and sandwich with my sister, which was very nice !Marcos, my son also joined us, and he paid ! Having my sister and my nieces around later this afternoon to have some cake and a cup of tea, with me, Sara and Amanda . Tomorrow we are all going out for lunch as everyone will be free to come along !..l got some lovely cards and RAK´s from my crafting friends over on the CB forum,l will post a proper thank you to them later this evening.. Hope everyone is having a nice day ! X UPDATE !! Certainly been a lucky day so far ! Guess what , just popped over to "Stamp Something" and l have won a prize from MO´s Digital Pencil, its a $20 gift certificate ! l am thrilled ! thank you X

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Magical Crafts 1st Challenge...

So thought l would join in, go see my sidebar for the link. The challenge is to make a card and an ornament using the colours Red, Green and Gold, why not pop over and check out the details and join in the fun ! l have made a set of hand painted candle holders and of course, the card... Hugs susan x

Evening everyone !!

l would like to thank Lyn , over at "Spiders Corner" for giving me this beautiful award ! please pop over and visit lyn´s very amusing and inspirational blog !

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cutie pie

... Hi everyone, l would like to ask all my followers to pop over and read the very tragic story of Jamie,l had not heard of the story over here,and l imagine most people in the UK haven´t heard either. The card l have made here will be sent to this brave little girl.Please keep her and her family in your prayers.Stamp Something are also featuring the story of Jamie,Please see my sidebar for their link..Thanks everyone ! l thought l would enter this card into a few challenges.. Hugs susan x One Stop Craft, Crafty Catz, La-La Land , Creative card crew, Stamp Something , Allsorts Challenge Pop over and check out there challenges ! See you all later Hugs susan x

Friday, November 6, 2009

Morning everyone ....

Hi everyone ! Pouring of rain all night and looks like it will be the same all day today! Don´t get me wrong! l actually love the rain and wintery weather,perhaps because we have our fair share of hot, sunny weather during the summer months ! Its been a busy week ! and l have not been able to visit many of you,so l do apologise !l had really started getting into the challenges , better said, l was attempting to enter a few and gradually build up.This week l haven´t been able to keep up, nor have l even mentioned some of the great challenges that are taking place this again,l apologise !...l envy alot of you crafters that manage to juggle days are so full of other things... my business, the house ,family meals and HW stuff,school runs etc, even the weekends are busy with people coming and going..l am not complaining but l would love to have a bit of time to sit and concerntrate on my crafting without constant interuptions !!...oh dear, sorry everyone ! susan´s rant is now over !! hehe.. Hope you all have a nice day, and good luck with all your challenges ! X

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween everyone !

Good morning everyone, Lovely sunny, warm morning here ! Have loads to do today, so will be heading off into town shortly.Sara has gone to the Gym and Amanda is on the laptop, l only allow her on it at weekends, as l think school work needs to be focused on during the week, she actually agrees with me ! later this morning the girls and l are going for, what is now known as our "saturday morning family tradition" we have a nice crunchy baguette and a latte..Marcos is at work,Sam ( my son´s GF ) is over this weekend, so they are happy ! they will be coming out with us for dinner tonight. Hope to get a few things finished today, l have a few cards that need finishing up..l have had a play with my new stamps from "whiff of Joy " and "Sugar Nellies" so will post a few makes over the coming days !Not had much time to enter in the challenges this week, maybe tomorrow l will have a go at a few..well, thats all from me this morning...l will be paying you all another visit soon..Happy crafting ! hugs susan x

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Autumn Splendor !

Evening everyone ! l have been enjoying colouring in this gorgeous image from Nina May She is a very talented artist, as you can see ! If you would like to join this weeks challenge, pop over and visit her very inspirational blog and pick up this weeks free image to use in the "autumn Splendor" challenge at "There´s Magic in the Air "( see my sidebar or use the above link ) please show Nina gratitude by leaving her a comment..Good luck everyone, and have fun ! Here is my entry...its a LO for the front page of a new autumn scrapbook that l am working on. l think it will show my new project off nicely ! Thanks Nina X

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not long now till Halloween !

Pouring of rain here today, looks like we will be having a wet weekend ! you know what that means, lots of crafting ! l have a made a card a bit different from my usual ghouls, pumpkins etc…l wanted to try for a card that was a tad elegant, but still capturing the halloween style and colours…l will be entering this into a few challenges this week... Why not pop over to Incy Wincy Designs , they have a great Halloween themed challenge going on till monday...also over at One Stop Craft They have a fab Halloween challenge going on, go join in the fun ! Another challenge thats taking place this week is over at Stamptacular Sunday Challenge, go check out the great spooky projects !...If you pop over to Stamp Something ( their logo is also on my sidebar)They also have a fab Halloween challenge going on...Well l think l have given you all enough work for this week´s challenges hehe....Good luck to you all and Happy Crafting ! Hugs susan x

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Snow wolf !

The base of this card is not made of traditional card..look closely and you will see that the base is made of Plastic ! yes!its made of tons of glitter fused onto two sheets of plastic, sort of like a sandwich l suppose...anyway, l decided to use it as a here it is ! its very unusual..l added colour to background of the image and to the eyes,using my coloured pencils..l am going to use this card in a couple of challenges.. incy wincy designs,- wildlife- Stamp Something,-Bling it Somethings-, Pop over to these challenge blogs, they are well worth taking a look at.. bye for to have a nice cup of tea !

Saturday !

Hi everyone, not much happened this week, so not too much to update ! Amanda is now back at school, and has recovered from having swollen glands, she was quite poorly the previous week.Sara, now has had it, but feels much better today. We are going into town for what has become our late breakfast tradition!its a lovely sunny, warm morning so we will walk into town and sit in one of the beach bars and enjoy our lovely hot baguettes and lattes...heaven ! Have entered a card into a challenge this week, over at incy wincy´s ( see post below )..l have done quite a few cards this week for " the box " so getting quite a stash built up of christmas cards.. well, the girls are ready to we are off now.. have a nice day everyone Hugs susan x

Call from the wild

Great Challenge going on over at Incy Wincy Designs the theme this week is ..Wildlife.. pop over there for more details ! l love wolves, so this was an easy choice for this week ! here is my entry..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Challenge @ ......

One Stop Craft challenge blog..There´s still time to join the fun ! the theme this week is " Birthday card or project " is my entry,thanks for having a peek.. Hugs susan x

Sunday !

Sorry for not updating soon,but l have had Amanda off school this week with swollen glands, she has been really poorly.l also had a few medical scans to do, which l am pleased to say were all fine !...Now down to business !..there´s still time to go over to Incy Wincy Designs and have a go at the challenge that they still have running " For You " l am entering the card that is featured in this post, wish me luck hehe !..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Autumn cards !

Thought l would make a few autumn themed cards...The autumn fairy one is decoupaged ! l am thinking of adding them into a challenge thats running over at Incy Wincy´s Design challenge blog Pop over and have a look...l am also going to enter these cards into another challenge over at One stop Craft challenge blog you might like to have a look at whats going on over there too.. Hugs Susan X

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank you Tracy

l received this gorgeous award from one of my lovely scottish friends, Tracy ( Queenie ) ! Thank you so much for thinking of me, you are a very kind person,and l am so glad we are friends ! Here are the rules... One of the conditions of accepting this lovely Award is to give away five things about yourself, and then pass it onto five lovely people. 1, l think l am a kind person. 2, l hate cruelty to animals. 3, l have a love/Hate relationship with " Glitters " 4, l am addicted to chocolate ! seriously ! 5, My favourite time of year is Christmas ! Here are my 5 lovely people...l will leave you all messages to come and collect this beautiful award ! curt, jackie, Michelle, Denyze, Louise l would also like to thank Heike for this same award, it was so thoughtful and kind of her,sending you a hug X

Sunday, September 27, 2009


l am so sorry everyone......this is well overdue ! We had a fantastic time in San Diego, we always do ! l managed to find a lovely craft shop there too, its called PaperTales its such a lovely shop and the owner is a lovely lady too !Hope to go back and see them on my next visit. Sara, is settling back into life over here,she starts back to uni on monday, when she finishes next year,she hopes to go back and work again in San Diego, she had a lovely experience during this past 9 months studying and then working there. Marcos is fine and has been over to Egypt for work and has just got back from delivering a boat to Barcelona. Amanda, has started her new school and has settled down well. Business is going Ok, we have work, but the shop could be doing better. Patience, l suppose ! Its getting towards the end of the summer season here,and things are getting much quiter.Its not been a good summer here for alot of business´s, l wonder what the winter will be like.Most business´s close here from end of Oct till March ! we will just cross our fingers ! Here are few recent makes...Thank you for having a peek ! l will be stopping by to leave some comments on your blogs shortly !.. Today its blogging day ! x

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Off to San Diego !!!

we are off again to San Diego ! we leave around 4am.we will be home on the 12th,so l hope to update than. Take care everyone ! gonna miss ya loads ! hugs susan x

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Something special !

from my lovely friend Maureen ( glitzzy )Please pop over and have a look at her amazing blog !...Thank you so much for thinking about me and awarding me this lovely award !..also thank you for all your thoughtful messages that you leave me, they always seem to come just at the right moment the rules for this award are ; nominate 5 friends, and leave them all messages to come and collect this award,so that is what l will be do ! hehe...this evening ! X Michelle , Jackie , karen, Erin, Jane

Sunday, August 23, 2009


l have had no time to update this week or, come to visit my lovely friends ! l promise that today l will try to get to see you all..its been one of those weeks and now l have had family arrive ( not to stay at my home, they have an apartment of their own )its lovely to see them, but it also takes up alot of time, so please bear with me, look forward to seeing all your lovely makes ! X

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Evening !

Hope everyone has had a lovely day has been good, spoke with both Marcos and Sara today whilst l was sat on the beach this afternoon ! its amazing when you think about it..l was speaking with Marcos who is working this week in Egypt.Then,10mins later l was speaking with Sara who is working in San Diego,CA.....and me ? well,l was sat here on the Island of Mallorca ! talk about spread across the world! hehe Looks like marcos might not be home this weekend,the owner of the boat (that he has gone to sea trial and check over) has asked if Marcos can stay on and complete another job on another of his luxury boats , but l think its because the owner was talking to Marcos and they have the same hobbies..scuba diving ( both are master divers )water sports etc , the owner has invited him on saturday to go diving and deep sea we will have to wait and see ! Sara is fine, and looking forward to us going back over at the end of this month.She will be returning with us as she has University starting in September,its her last year and when she graduates next June, she wants to go back to Cali,she loves the american way of life... Amanda is fine and yesterday we made cards, we do alot of things together,her card was gorgeous ! today she made chocolate muffins, and they were delicious ! lets see what she wants to do tomorrow ! well, l am going to go visit a few more blogs and thats it for me tonight...sweet dreams everyone X

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

LA paper....

l enjoyed making this card, and have finally started using the set of Laura Ashley papers that my son Marcos and his Gf, Sam, bought me as a lovely surprise some time back...The quality of the papers is really lovely..l decided to just keep it simple, so just created angles to show the paper off...thanks for taking a peek !..

Thank you so much Tracy ! (Queenie )

Thank you tracy for giving me this beautiful award...Please pop over to tracy´s beautiful blog for loads of wonderful makes and tons of will make you smile ! l have to follow the rules, and nominate 5 special people for this award and leave them all a message to come and collect this little beauty !..l will add you all bit by bit... Sarah, Denyze ,, Karen, Michelle, Erin

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bloomin Luvley ! hehehe

one of the cards l have made recently....X

Crafts Beautiful Mag...august edition...

How lovely of Michelle (wiggley) from the CB. Forum to send me this wonderful magazine !..she is such a lovely,generous person !..Thank you so much !l am really enjoying reading it ! x

Monday, August 3, 2009


Hi everyone !.. The local Fiestas have finally come to an end! they are always good but its a long two weeks hehe! weather today very changeable, the sun seems to be playing "hide and seek"...but its still very warm ! Amanda now seems fine, which is a relief..starting to think about our next holiday to San Diego and seeing Sara again..time seems to be flying will be autumn soon.Started making a real effort to get back into my card making..its always so difficult when you are having a lot of stress from other areas of life..the business has been a huge worry, but things seem to be going OK, after cutting staff and expenses.It means l am much busier now as l am back at the shop in the mornings, and also doing my job aswell..the accounts work, bank, bills, and seeing the clients etc...but if tha´s what it takes..thats what l have to do...Hubby runs the workshop and is in the shop as well, and does the afternoons so l can get on with the house and family things....phew ! do us women do it ?....l know, l know...we are a multi tasking super force !! This is a card l made the other day...have a nice afternoon girls ! x

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday ! and Ice Cream Sundae...Mmmmm

and of a course a quick update...glad to say that Amanda seems so much better now ! and Hubby had a good birthday yesterday.We all went out for a meal,it was lovely,but we always notice more the absence of Sara when its a family event,still we are going back to San Diego on the 30th of August and she will be returning with more sad goodbye´s ! well, at least not till next year.She has had such a fab time over there, and wants to go back next year after she graduates with her degree in Tourism and Hotel management ! crossing our she has only this year till she finishes.. l am sure that most of you have seen the terrible events that took place this week here on the island..such a tragedy ! and for what ?...they could have caused a masacre,with the amount of tourists that are in that area...later, they found another bomb outside another barracks...l live in the north of the island, so we were safe,thank god ! Here, these last few weeks the Island has had loads of local fiestas...and tonight in the old town of Pollensa there is music all night..Marcos (my son ) got in this morning at 5 and had work this morning at 9...tonight, he will probably be at the fiesta all night too !hopefully he will nap this afternoon when he finishes work! Boys!..we will probably go along for a couple of hours,but thats it.. Here is a card l made the other day !...l could eat that sundae now ! and well, all the rest too...see you all a bit later x

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Strawberry Fairy !

l have decoupaged this fairy..and found some pretty strawberry paper to go with it...added some ribbon and pearls..and, thats it ! Thank you for looking X

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thank you Maureen....Glitzzy !

Thank you so much for this gorgeous award,you truly are a lovely person !please pop over to maureen her blog is very inspirational !...As the rules go,l have to pass this little beauty onto 10 special people....well l have decided that you are very special ! so l would like to award this to everyone who visits me ! Thank you once again X

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just an update !

Hi all, Sorry l have not updated since last week....but had a lot on.Firstly,Amanda has been quite poorly,with a bad dose of flu..they said it wasnt swine flu as she didnt have any respiratory problems,but she certainly ticked all the other boxes !! so been home taking care of her..she has also had another problem,that has been worrying but l am hoping that too will begin to stop,if not l will need to get that checked out,as she is feeling very drained having the two things at once (l think you get what l am meaning)...So l have managed to get some cards made and sent out,and l am begining to stock up again,as over on the CB forum there are quite a few birthdays next month.. We have had a heat wave over here,with temps..over lunchtime the other day..its come down a bit now,but still very hot.Thank god for the A/C..phew ! here are a few cards...My hubby´s birthday card..he is a director of the football here,so this will suit him ..The other is for a special person...sshhhh and has gone travelling...hehe

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Award ...from Queenie...

Look at this beautiful award that the lovely Tracy has given me...pop over and see her gorgeous blog and catch up with all herfamily life and makes....Thank you so much Tracy ! hugs x l will now nominate 10 blogs and leave you all a message to come and collect this beautiful award... 1,maggie 2,Karen 3,Stacey 4,Denyze 5,Erin 6,Maureen 7,Michelle 8,Max 9,Sarah 10,Louise

Thursday, July 16, 2009

my nieces birthday cards !

Becky´s birthday card After much encouragement from my lovely friend Maureen (Glitzzy),l decided to get my hands back on some crafting is what l made for the twins (my nieces ) was their birthday last tuesday the 14th.They loved the cards and l popped around to my sister´s in the afternoon for some cakes! yes, Cakes ! hehe and a couple of cups of tea!.My sister also lives here on the island and we see each other most days whenever we can.Her twins Ana and Becky are the now the same age as Amanda (15) and they go everywhere together which is nice.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well done girls!

Today l have been visiting some blogs...there are some gorgeous makes you have all been very busy...well done ! Took Marcos to the airport this afternoon,he´s off to Birmingham to see his GF.She was suppose to come here this weekend to celebrate her birthday next tuesday,but her dad is still in hospital and she is worried enough to stay there just in case,plus she is running the business´s for him so she is a bit stressed out...Marcos has gone to give her some support and spend Sam´s birthday with her there..Today, she is so happy and can´t wait for him to arrive hehe...he will arrive there around 6pm uk time.. Waiting for a call from Sara will close this post now...wishing you all a lovely evening..Need to start making some cards soon or at least attempt some,just not getting into it at the will come back,l´m sure. X

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hi everyone,l´m back !!

Just popped on to say Hi to everyone !..we had a great time in San Diego visiting Sara.She is so happy there and is enjoying every was sad the morning that we left and tears were shed,but we are going back on the 30th of august to collect her and her things and return altogether.She loves her summer job at the Hyatt,and Sara introduced us to everyone,apparently they couldn´t wait to meet us ! hehe.. We have been to San Diego before a few times but it was lovely just being there and going on the trolley and bus with sara to her work then Amanda and l went off and did our thing.Later we would return all together to the hotel (Sara moved in with us at the hotel while we were there )she even managed to get 2 full days free,so we were able to visit the San Diego county fair..that was fabulous !we never stopped laughing when we were on the rides etc...we even did our nails and feet, a real girly time... l have been so busy this week with work matters and signing amanda in for her new school...hope to catch up on all your blogs this weekend,so look out for my visit hehe !..Hubby and Marcos were fine and the house looked ok on my return...chispa our little dog, was fine too (thank god ) she is now 16,so l am always worried when l go away,you know...just in case...... well my lovely friends,hope you have all been good and kept well..l will be back tomorrow and post some picks... Susan x

Monday, June 22, 2009

See you all soon !!!!

Hi everyone, Just updating before Amanda and l leave tonight for the airport..we are going around 4.45..its an hours journey to the airport from the north of the island....our first flight is to Madrid ( 1hr.15mins) and it leaves at 7.20am...our next flight leaves at 12.35...Madrid to Philladelphia (9hrs)...then we have the last flight...Philladelphia to San Diego..(6hrs) we are travelling around 23 hours...long, long day...very tiring...but oh so worth it !! is a pic of Sara´s birthday card,that l am taking there for her to open next month july 18th.. we are returning on the 5th of July, so hope to update with some pics and news... Hope you all keep well and behave ! hehehe.. will miss you all loads,my good friends, but l know you will keep my seat warm!! Hugs to you all....XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thank you so much Maureen (Glitzzy)

Maureen asked me to go and collect these beautiful awards from her lovely blog ! go check out her gorgeous blog Glitzzy Thank you so very much for thinking of me...sending you a big hug X l will now follow the same rules...and name 10 blogs and send you a message to come and collect these awards for your blogs....(will add when l can ).. l would like to nominate all who follow my blog !...please collecet these gorgeous awards and proudly display them on your blogs ! thank you all for your visits and lovely comments XX

Monday, June 8, 2009

Afternoon all....

Sara in pink at seaworld june 09 SDSU Thanks everyone who has left me a comment,much appreciated ! well,things are settling down now,we still have lots of work,but the stress side of things concerning our workers is sorting itself out.We had to get rid of workers not a nice experience.There were a few that needed to go anyway.We made big changes to our business,and for once thought of ourselves for once and our future ! We offered them work as long as they paid their own insurance,and thats what some of them have done. Now onto a great note....My son Marcos has paid for flights for Amanda and l, to go to San Diego and visit Sara...Sara has been studying at SDSU this semester and now has a summer internship at the Hyatt Hotel and will now be back here in September..Marcos knew how much l was missing her,even though we speak on Skype every few days.So Amanda and l are off the day after she finishes school on the 22nd of june ( 23rd June till the 4th of july YIPPPEEE !..Paco (my hubby ) cant come this trip as we have so much work,and of course he can be company for Marcos and the dog !!hehe.... Sara has been asking if we could get back over before September, so she will be so surprised this evening when l tell her we are booked to come !... Well, Amanda doesn´t have much homework today,so we are off for a bike ride ! Take care everyone ! X

Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick update

Hi everyone, l am trying to get around and leave you all comments on your lovely work ! Unfortunately,l am still so busy with work matters and we are now extra busy with lots of work etc, so l am now covering the shop and all the accounts work,so at the moment that is the priority. Will try to get on more at the weekend ! miss you all X

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Thank you everyone who has left me a comment..l am so sorry that l have not been over to visit you all,or infact have not updated on my own blog.....l have got alot on at the mo..and l am feeling very stressed out and a bit overwhelmed..l can´t concertrate on crafting at the moment.I will definately get back into the swing of things,soon!..l miss you girls.. take care hugs & love X

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thank you Denyze!

Denyze has given me this lovely award!...pop over and see her lovely blog... Here's the 'rules' 1. The winner may put the logo on their blog. 2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award. 3. Nominate 10 blogs. 4. Put links to their blogs. 5. Leave a message for your nominees. NOMINEES After careful concideration,l have decided that l would like to nominate everyone who visits my blog and leaves me a comment,to also take home with them this gorgeous award for their lovely blogs,as a thank you from me for all your comments since l started blogging ! X

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday card for Marcos !...23 today!!

Its marcos' birthday today and we have just got back from a family lunch...we went to a very good chinese restaurant in town..service and food excellent!well worth the money we paid..He got some lovely gifts and cards..and Sam,his Gf came over from the UK last friday,we picked her up from the airport and she is here till tuesday,so he has had a lovely birthday weekend too..can´t believe he´s 23,how time flies !

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thought l would share with you all this Fairy Card that l made..backing paper is from the prize l won from MAXover at her blog and the fairy pyrimage is from a crafters companion CD..thanks for taking time to have a peek X

RAK & Card from Nikki ...

Thank you to Nikki (Nikbee)CB forum, and Daisy (her DD) for this fabulous RAK and was so very lovely and kind of them...l love it all ! XX