Friday, April 29, 2011

Congratulations Kate and Will !

Having a fabulous day watching all the wonderful festivities of the Royal wedding ..What a beautiful wedding it was too ! She looked stunning and so did William. They looked so inlove and Happy...It was truly a Fairytale wedding..l am still enjoying all the coverage and interviews etc...l wish them lots of luck and thank God lessons have been learnt by the royal family ! No crafting for me today, just enjoying a gloriously , happy day ! Nice to be able to forget the horrible state the world is in at the moment , least for a while ! Hugs Susan x

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  1. When my daughter, Katie, was little, she had this huge crush on William. She is 26 now, and the crush is long gone, but she had a lot of friends teasing her when the news came out that he was getting married.


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