Sunday, August 30, 2009

Off to San Diego !!!

we are off again to San Diego ! we leave around 4am.we will be home on the 12th,so l hope to update than. Take care everyone ! gonna miss ya loads ! hugs susan x

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Something special !

from my lovely friend Maureen ( glitzzy )Please pop over and have a look at her amazing blog !...Thank you so much for thinking about me and awarding me this lovely award !..also thank you for all your thoughtful messages that you leave me, they always seem to come just at the right moment the rules for this award are ; nominate 5 friends, and leave them all messages to come and collect this award,so that is what l will be do ! hehe...this evening ! X Michelle , Jackie , karen, Erin, Jane

Sunday, August 23, 2009


l have had no time to update this week or, come to visit my lovely friends ! l promise that today l will try to get to see you all..its been one of those weeks and now l have had family arrive ( not to stay at my home, they have an apartment of their own )its lovely to see them, but it also takes up alot of time, so please bear with me, look forward to seeing all your lovely makes ! X

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Evening !

Hope everyone has had a lovely day has been good, spoke with both Marcos and Sara today whilst l was sat on the beach this afternoon ! its amazing when you think about it..l was speaking with Marcos who is working this week in Egypt.Then,10mins later l was speaking with Sara who is working in San Diego,CA.....and me ? well,l was sat here on the Island of Mallorca ! talk about spread across the world! hehe Looks like marcos might not be home this weekend,the owner of the boat (that he has gone to sea trial and check over) has asked if Marcos can stay on and complete another job on another of his luxury boats , but l think its because the owner was talking to Marcos and they have the same hobbies..scuba diving ( both are master divers )water sports etc , the owner has invited him on saturday to go diving and deep sea we will have to wait and see ! Sara is fine, and looking forward to us going back over at the end of this month.She will be returning with us as she has University starting in September,its her last year and when she graduates next June, she wants to go back to Cali,she loves the american way of life... Amanda is fine and yesterday we made cards, we do alot of things together,her card was gorgeous ! today she made chocolate muffins, and they were delicious ! lets see what she wants to do tomorrow ! well, l am going to go visit a few more blogs and thats it for me tonight...sweet dreams everyone X

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

LA paper....

l enjoyed making this card, and have finally started using the set of Laura Ashley papers that my son Marcos and his Gf, Sam, bought me as a lovely surprise some time back...The quality of the papers is really lovely..l decided to just keep it simple, so just created angles to show the paper off...thanks for taking a peek !..

Thank you so much Tracy ! (Queenie )

Thank you tracy for giving me this beautiful award...Please pop over to tracy´s beautiful blog for loads of wonderful makes and tons of will make you smile ! l have to follow the rules, and nominate 5 special people for this award and leave them all a message to come and collect this little beauty !..l will add you all bit by bit... Sarah, Denyze ,, Karen, Michelle, Erin

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bloomin Luvley ! hehehe

one of the cards l have made recently....X

Crafts Beautiful Mag...august edition...

How lovely of Michelle (wiggley) from the CB. Forum to send me this wonderful magazine !..she is such a lovely,generous person !..Thank you so much !l am really enjoying reading it ! x

Monday, August 3, 2009


Hi everyone !.. The local Fiestas have finally come to an end! they are always good but its a long two weeks hehe! weather today very changeable, the sun seems to be playing "hide and seek"...but its still very warm ! Amanda now seems fine, which is a relief..starting to think about our next holiday to San Diego and seeing Sara again..time seems to be flying will be autumn soon.Started making a real effort to get back into my card making..its always so difficult when you are having a lot of stress from other areas of life..the business has been a huge worry, but things seem to be going OK, after cutting staff and expenses.It means l am much busier now as l am back at the shop in the mornings, and also doing my job aswell..the accounts work, bank, bills, and seeing the clients etc...but if tha´s what it takes..thats what l have to do...Hubby runs the workshop and is in the shop as well, and does the afternoons so l can get on with the house and family things....phew ! do us women do it ?....l know, l know...we are a multi tasking super force !! This is a card l made the other day...have a nice afternoon girls ! x

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday ! and Ice Cream Sundae...Mmmmm

and of a course a quick update...glad to say that Amanda seems so much better now ! and Hubby had a good birthday yesterday.We all went out for a meal,it was lovely,but we always notice more the absence of Sara when its a family event,still we are going back to San Diego on the 30th of August and she will be returning with more sad goodbye´s ! well, at least not till next year.She has had such a fab time over there, and wants to go back next year after she graduates with her degree in Tourism and Hotel management ! crossing our she has only this year till she finishes.. l am sure that most of you have seen the terrible events that took place this week here on the island..such a tragedy ! and for what ?...they could have caused a masacre,with the amount of tourists that are in that area...later, they found another bomb outside another barracks...l live in the north of the island, so we were safe,thank god ! Here, these last few weeks the Island has had loads of local fiestas...and tonight in the old town of Pollensa there is music all night..Marcos (my son ) got in this morning at 5 and had work this morning at 9...tonight, he will probably be at the fiesta all night too !hopefully he will nap this afternoon when he finishes work! Boys!..we will probably go along for a couple of hours,but thats it.. Here is a card l made the other day !...l could eat that sundae now ! and well, all the rest too...see you all a bit later x