Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank you Tracy !

For this lovely are so kind queenie l now have to nominate 10 other blogs for this award.....and send them a message to come and collect it...this should be l have never had to post other peoples blogs on mine...wish me luck!...tracy has given me some advice... so here they are; carolyn karen stacey jane erin jackie louise laverne rachel michelle

Monday, March 23, 2009

sweet dreams card

l put a Vellum "jacket" on this card...nice and simple..took a few minutes to make.. l love the warm tones...l just found a batch of vellums that l bought a while back,so going to try to use them l can get some more us crafters think ! hehe...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mothering Sunday...

l awoke this morning to a lovely selection of cards and son Marcos,had bought a 7 drawer storage unit for some of my crafting things...Amanda handmade card and flowers..Sara had sent a packet from San Diego ( felt tearful this morning,as this is the 1st time in her 21 years,she has not been here with me)...and my nieces and nephew bought me a lovely butterfly charm bracelet...we also went out for lunch and l have been in the garden this l have had a lovely day.. just waiting for a call from Sara later this evening.. Hope all you UK mum´s have a lovely day.....oh BTW...spanish Mothers day is in l get to do it all over again LOL..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a lovely day !

Yesterday, l bought a second hand bike from a friend...its new! and worth much more than the 50 euros l paid..anyway, today Amanda and l had a great bike ride, it was another beautiful morning,sun shining and lovely and warm,not quite normal for march,but still...going to enjoy it while it lasts !..we also stopped and had a lovely breakfast in a cafe infront of the beach,we sat outside and it was glorious!this afternoon planted a few plants,but didn´t sort the patio furniture out..maybe tomorrow...made this card to...hope you are all having a good day !

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good evening all...

Well, been a busy start to the week...had lots to do at work.l needed to stock take,so l did that this much stuff,but its done now..thank god! The weather has been fantastic,sunny and warm,definately not March weather! but l will enjoy it while it lasts! some plants for the big terracotta pots that l have on the patio..thought l would make a start getting them in..l would have got alot more done but my dog thinks its good to run off with everything l seem to lay on the floor...hehe.. l want to put all my wooden terrace furniture out this coming weekend.Every winter l put it undercover as the damp/wet winter weather destroys the wood. On the crafting side of things...need to finish off quite a few cards that l have started,but time escapes me...l need more than 24 hours in my day! thats for sure! l leave you with this card l did manage to finish..l have not put a sentiment on it,so l can use it for anything...well girls,thats me done on here for today..going to have another look at the blogs l am following then some tv...take care...oh,just a quick update..l have finally learnt how to make links to and from other blogs!yes,aren´t l clever!!hehe XXX

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Relaxing day....

Not done much at all today....this morning went into town to get the papers and visit the bakers!!!ahhh, the lovely smell of baking bread,and fresh pastries...temptation! and l confess,l gave in ! how could l not?...then had a lovely walk around the marina...Marcos( my son ) had got up early to take the jet ski was perfect,the sea was like a lake! so he had some fun,the sea is too cold for me at the moment..later, went out to lunch,had a lovely Paella and bluberry cheesecake to follow..What? did you actually think l would keep to my diet after the breakfast l had...when l go off the rails...l go OFFFFFFF.... Going to do a bit of crafting soon.....Spoke with Sara today..she is enjoying the tennis at Indian Wells,Palm Springs...she saw Andy Murray play yesterday...and she has another full day of tennis today,she is going to watch Nadal play...she use to play in the same tennis tournaments as Nadal when he was starting out, here in Mallorca...well,l am off now...hope you are all having a nice day...X

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hello Saturday.....

Awoke to a lovely,sunny day..had things to do at home...the normal HW and a big clear out of wardrobes and drawers....did l do it? nah, decided a bit of crafting and a relaxing day were in order...was it worth it? you bet!!and l did´nt feel guilty the afternoon had a sporting event to go was lovely sitting in the warm daughters team lost...but they had fun...came home and went on the CB forum to catch up on the posts.The forum is much apart of my daily life now,l often wonder what l did before !...l feel blessed to have lots of lovely friends who l chat with on a daily basis.....Heard from sara,she is in Palm Springs this weekend to watch the Indian Wells tennis tournament,Lucky girl!!....tonight,l have nothing planned...great! l can catch up with some crafting,and nosy around the blogs...and of course the forum...oh,before l forget,here are some of todays cards...have fun everyone..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Gorgeous day!

Its been a lovely sunny,warm day the skies were a perfect blue!..l had a walk along the beach road this afternoon,lots of little shops have started to re-open for the crafting shops,but it was nice to see all the preparations underway, there were quite a few people about...having coffee in one of the many cafes, and just sitting enjoying the sun... l have made a few cards this evening and sorted out some crafty bits to send as RAKS to some people on the CB forum..l will get them off next week...l thought l would put a pic on here of where l write from,it overlooks the garden..its a very calming spot....this is not my crafting space,as l am still using the diningroom,my craft studio at the house won´t be finished now till later in the year..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hi all, Made these a few days ago...they are now in the post to some friends...these took minutes to make,but l think they are quite pretty/simple cards...starting to think towards easter now and l have a few more ideas for cards and gifts etc....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Busy day....

Hi all, l have had a very busy day,don´t know where the time goes!....its been a lovely sunny day here and not that cold...been to work this morning,got lunch and just finished my HW.l wanted to get some more cards done,but looks like l will try tonight...whilst out this morning l saw some little easter treats to put away,the sweet kind and some crafty bits too ! so will get my thinking cap on soon and get started on some more easter surprises...going to have a browse around the CB forum,then its out to buy some envelopes for a couple of RAK´s l want to send off...hope you are all having a nice day,and all in good soon ! hasta luego! x

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Good morning Sunday....

Not too much planned for today, roast chicken for lunch with stuffing....l can smell it cooking all through the house..its a lovely sunny day today and infact its quite warm...l think l will have a tidy up in the garden this afternoon..saw the launch last night of the Crafters Companion fairy CD´s and stamps...l was´nt quick enough to get the bumper kit,it sold out so quickly and it was a fab price..going to have another look at one of the shows today, and decide if to buy it all seperately.....did l just say it was sunny???? damn,why do l open my mouth! sun has just gone in...oh well..thats life! Just seen that l have some followers!!..thank you girls,this is still new to me,so forgive me if l slip up... Here is a card l have made for a CB birthday girl...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Morning Saturday...

Sunny and bright far!...not got nothing planned today,so l am playing around on here....l have just had a look at some other blogs..gosh,l still have so much to learn..oh well...sigh Marcos got home safely last night,he is going to show me all the pics later..amanda is still sleeping,so l am going to get the HW out the way and generally relax today..will speak to Sara later,which will be great..l have SKYPE so l get to see her too, and we can talk for ages and its FREE...which is a bonus! Off to have a cup of tea..and get started...need to finish some cards too... l am going to try to get around to visit some more blogs later..phew,did l say "relaxing day" my plans all change by noon !

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hi everyone.....

Bright,cold and windy..we seem to have a bit of everything these days!.well,not much happening today.Made a few cards for some friends on the CB forum,lots of birthdays this month..done a bit of HW and now going to spend some time on here..Spoke to Sara last night and it was lovely seeing her...l miss her so much.Marcos back tonight from skiing,he had agreat time,and even managed to have dinner with some friends who live in Andorra,so he was pleased.Loads of snow,so they hit the slopes everyday.. well,off to speak to a couple of friends later x

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

RAKS......from some kind, generous CB friends....

Thank you Max(3) Thank you Elaine (SBR) X Thank you Karen (copse) Thank you Nic(giddynici) Thank you Barbara Thank you Natalie Thank you Barbara

Can´t believe it....?.

it s been ages since l have updated...l have just been busy with work and just home was carnival week and the weather held out so all the festivities took place.....the port seemed to be buzzing for a while,but think that was also due to half term in the UK....its pretty quite now again.This month alot of the hotels will start to open so things will get busier again..alot of the shops are starting to reopen now as the season starts still is very changeable....its been a long cold winter,we have had snow too.Most friends of mine in the UK can´t believe we actually get snow ! well,we do !! to get lunch now....marcos skiing in Andorra and Sara happy in California ! Amanda very spoilt as you can imagine hehe !