Monday, June 8, 2009

Afternoon all....

Sara in pink at seaworld june 09 SDSU Thanks everyone who has left me a comment,much appreciated ! well,things are settling down now,we still have lots of work,but the stress side of things concerning our workers is sorting itself out.We had to get rid of workers not a nice experience.There were a few that needed to go anyway.We made big changes to our business,and for once thought of ourselves for once and our future ! We offered them work as long as they paid their own insurance,and thats what some of them have done. Now onto a great note....My son Marcos has paid for flights for Amanda and l, to go to San Diego and visit Sara...Sara has been studying at SDSU this semester and now has a summer internship at the Hyatt Hotel and will now be back here in September..Marcos knew how much l was missing her,even though we speak on Skype every few days.So Amanda and l are off the day after she finishes school on the 22nd of june ( 23rd June till the 4th of july YIPPPEEE !..Paco (my hubby ) cant come this trip as we have so much work,and of course he can be company for Marcos and the dog !!hehe.... Sara has been asking if we could get back over before September, so she will be so surprised this evening when l tell her we are booked to come !... Well, Amanda doesn´t have much homework today,so we are off for a bike ride ! Take care everyone ! X


  1. Hi susan, lucky you, what a wonderful son. My husband and I attended SDSu and now live a just a few miles away. I f you get a chance a wonderful paper store is Papertales in Point Loma. Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Your trip sounds great Susan, have a fantastic trip

    Thanks for all your comments on my blog

    Hugs Jackie

  3. Susan i am over the moon to read your news.

    Putting you and hubby first in the business is excellent, and your remaining staff sound very committed to you both. Here is to a secure and growing business

    And how very kind of Marcos to pay for you and Amanda’s trip, Sara will be delighted to have you visit

    a very happy sarah after reading your blog

    sarah xx

  4. Susan,hope you have a good trip!! You deserve it! Can you come over to my blog,something to give you.
    Luv Maureen xx

  5. Hi Susan,so glad things are working out for you.
    Woohoo too, have a fantastic trip.
    big hugs

  6. Thank you everyone !
    hugs to you all
    Susan xxxxxxxx


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