Saturday, September 26, 2015

Few cards...

Evening everyone,
Hope you are all having a nice evening...l thought l would share a couple of cards..Both were for Sara , my daughter who had a birthday back in July.They were made with things l had in my stash..Thank you for taking a look..
Susan xxx. P's l hope these load up.l have completely forgotten how this goes hehehe..Oooppps l have a to follow ...Looks like l got it to sync after all...not great pics they are from my phone.l need to hunt my camera

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Its been a while....

Hi everyone, l have spent the afternoon nosing about on your blogs and seeing what's been happening...some of you, like myself have had other things going on but it was so lovely to see that alot of you are still crafting and posting and have even moved into different styles .It amazes me how l had the time to post and enter into lots of challenges..l so enjoyed it ! I have been making my cards but just for personal use. This past few years has seen me become a grandma to Olivia she is 20 months and l love her to bits ! July 4th saw my son get married..Oh what a beautiful wedding it was..makes me smile when l think about it and l guess like most of us mum's we would love to live that day all over again...l now have a little doggy called Canela .she came from the local dogs centre .she was two months when we got her and we have had her now for a year and half. We are all so in love with her ,she is a little angel. Friends tell me she is a lucky little dog to have us, but l say we are the lucky ones to have her..little love.
Anyway that's enough from me..over the next week l will come by and leave a comment on your blogs and hopefully add some new pics of the family and of some cards.. Let's hope l remember how to load up this post   , it has been that here goes..wishing you all a nice day..
Susan xxx