Saturday, September 26, 2015

Few cards...

Evening everyone,
Hope you are all having a nice evening...l thought l would share a couple of cards..Both were for Sara , my daughter who had a birthday back in July.They were made with things l had in my stash..Thank you for taking a look..
Susan xxx. P's l hope these load up.l have completely forgotten how this goes hehehe..Oooppps l have a to follow ...Looks like l got it to sync after all...not great pics they are from my phone.l need to hunt my camera


  1. Awesome. I am loving what you did with "Sister".

  2. Thanks Susan for popping in to say Hello today! Always love it when you stop in ! I am sure your blogging memory will come back with practice...your pics showed up! I especially love the top card with the two sitting at the table!


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