Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thank You Jackie !

Morning everyone,
I received this lovely blog award from the lovely Jackie , she has an amazing blog, so if you can, pop over for a visit... I have to nominate 5 people ( wish it could be you all ) with less than 200 here is my choice
  1. Dawn
  2. Pat
  3. Karen
  4. Nikki
  5. Tracy
I  now need to leave a message on their blogs to come and collect this little award....
see you all a bit later ..with a  card .
susan x


    1. Thanks so much Susan :) my first award! Not sure what I do but will try and work it out ;) x

    2. Thank you for the award, Susan. I will post it to my blog later.
      Nikki x

    3. You're welcome Susan

      Hope you are having a lovely weekend

      Hugs Jackie x

    4. Hi Susan,

      Thank you for the award, I have now put thanks on blog to you and Sue another blogging friend who also nominated me. Have a good week.

      Pat xx


    Thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment, it means a lot !
    Susan X