Saturday, August 13, 2011

Thank you so much !

Thanks everyone for all the advice.l tried a few ideas and in the end l changed to 'Google Chrome'as my browser, and it now works a treat .l can now leave comments ! hugs susan x


  1. hi hun so glad you got it sorted hun,did you get my email ? hugs cherylx

  2. hi hun yes that is me ,twiglet44 hugs cherylxxx

  3. Glad you got it sorted Susan.
    I'm glad you are all well and enjoying the summer
    We are all well here thanks

    Hugs Jackie x

  4. hi susan
    thanks for the wonderful comments you leave on my blog,you asked how i tie my bows .....i use the papermania bow maker ,i got it here
    its so easy to use does lots of different sizes and they are perfect every tiime,
    i hope you get sorted with blogger soon its a pain when it goes wrong
    happy crafting
    tracey x

  5. hi susan
    wow 10 pound to send the bow maker to spain is outrageous,i bet if you had a piece of wood and knocked in some nails at 1cm increments you could achieve the same effect as the bowmaker ,you could vary the bow size very easily,wish i had thought of doing this could have saved myself 4 quid !!!!
    let me know how it works if you try it out
    tracey x

  6. hisusan
    thanks again for your lovely comments,you asked how i attatched the hidden private message....i put the message on a label nestie adding a piece of ribbon to the back,i printed the shoe image out and cut it out using a label nestie the same size as the hidden message ,i coloured the shoe image ,matted and layered it onto matching blue paper, adding a piece of ribbon [long enough to tie] between the layers,i made a tab about 2 inches long from white card,i folded it in half and glued one half to the back of the matted shoe image and glued the other half to my decorated card front ,then i covered the tab with the secret message then just tied the 2 pieces of ribbon together to form a bow ....i hope i have explained it ok,it was easier to make than explain....ha ha
    tracey x

  7. Hi Susan,
    thanks for the comment on my BH card I had scheduled two posts but they didn't work probably me. I hope the next one does


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