Thursday, August 11, 2011

Need some help ..please !

Morning all, l am in need of some appears l can leave comments on some blogs and not on others ! it asks me to choose a 'profile' to be able to leave the comment.From the list available,l have tried 'google account' as nothing else is valid, it then redirects for me to sign in, which l do ( again and again ) and then redirects me back to the comment box, and l still can't post !! and the whole procedure starts again .Can anyone help me out ? its so frustrating ! l looked at 'blogger help ' and it seems that alot of people have had this problem too.. So l am sorry if you have not been left comments by me on your lovely creations, l have been visiting and catching up! Hugs Susan x


  1. Hi Susan,

    Don't know if this will help you but I had the same problem started a couple of months ago and had to keep on signing in from page to page. I was using Internet Explorer as my browser (had always used it) but have had to change to Google Chrome when I am using my blog now and that is fine so I think it must be a problem between blogger and IE, hope this helps as it was so frustrating not being able to leave comments and to keep having to sign in. Let me know if this helps or if you find any other solution.

    Pat xx

  2. hi hun some bloggers,have said that by unticking the box,when you sign in helps, so instead of having it ticked were it remembers you every time you sign in just untick the box.I Had to go to my computer settings,and reset my cookies,to med,instead of high and touch wood have had no problems since.
    hugs cherylxxxxxxxx

  3. Sorry I can't offer any help Susan, I have a Mac and use Safari as my browser and so far I haven't had any problems
    Hope you are all ok

    Hugs Jackie x

  4. Susan
    I had the same problem and had to uncheck the "keep me signed in box" when I logged on. It seems to work.


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