Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hi everyone !

Its been a while since l updated...had a few health issues going on and then to top it all last friday had to go to hospital to have a wisdom tooth out..l was in agony ! but l do feel so much better now. l have been making a few cards and l will be getting back into the challenges and visiting you all soon.. This afternoon sara arrives home from Andorra, where she has been working this past 6 months.l am so pleased to have her back home..So we are going to pick her up at the airport this afternoon.. well, l have made a start at getting back into blogging, lets hope l can keep it up and my next post will be to show a card and enter some of the challenges.. wishing you a lovely day and Happy crafting ! Hugs susan x


  1. aawww Susan - hope you are feeling better. Glad your wisdom tooth has gone - I had 3 of mine pulled as I was the same as you, in agony. Happy crafting to you to hun and enjoy your afternoon with Sara (bet she will be jet lagged) xxx

  2. Oh poor you Susan - awful having teeth out!! Glad you are feeling better and no doubt cheered up by Sara's return. Have a gret Easter.

    Pat xx


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