Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog Award

Thank you so much Jackie for giving me this lovely award..very appreciated ! There are a few rules that l need to, here they are........ 1. You must accept it, write a post about it and display it. 2. Pass it to 3 - 5 fab blogs and tell them that they have been given the Love Blog Award. 3. Link back to the person who passed it to you. The aim of this award is to showcase great but not well known blogs, so don't tag anyone with 3,000 + followers....Here are my 5 , Michelle ,Karen ,Louise , Tracy, Nikki...Hugs susan x


  1. Aaawww Susan thanx for this - I'm made up with it. Will follow the rules and link back to you:0)
    Love the pic of you on your blog as well - nice to see you ! Michelle x

  2. Awww Thanks for the award Susan, I will post it back up sometime during the day when I've chosen my 5 other blogs thanks hunny :-)


  3. Oh Susan, thankyou so much, I will need to think about who I will pass this to although a few jump to mind. I will post tomorrow with acceptance of this lovely award. Thanks again

  4. Aww thank you ever so much Susan, that cheered me up no end :)
    Will have a think and then add to my blog xx

  5. Thank you Susan. I will post it up soon once I have thought of some people to pass it on to.

    Nikki x

  6. Hi Susan,
    Sorry I didn't post the award vefore but not been too well, I've done it now though, thanks again


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