Sunday, August 29, 2010

Evening everyone !

l can't believe its been a month since l last updated my blog,l am so sorry ! Hope everyone has been fine and in good health... We had a nice holiday but the temperatures this year in Spain have been very high.Its been the longest, hottest summer that l can remember..Had alot going on at home over the past few months too...Lots of decorating that l have now finally completed upstairs.Its been a huge job, changing bedrooms etc , which means all wardobes sorted out, nothing was left unturned !!l wished l had done it in the winter months,instead of now, but its all finished and,l must say that all the rooms look fabulous ! Next week l will start the makeover on the guest bathroom downstairs,that will be a re-tiling job on the floors and walls etc....wish me luck ! Hopefully this week l will upload some cards that l have made recently and start to get back into the challenges etc and more importantly, catching up on what everyone has been up to ! Wishing you all a lovely evening X