Thursday, July 29, 2010

Have fun and be good !

Morning everyone, Just updating that l will be away on holiday untill the 13th.l hope when l get back to resume taking part in the challenges etc and updating my blog more.. Hoping everyone is well and enjoying the summer ! hugs susan x

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sad News..

Morning all, Yesterday we had to put my lovely little dog, Chispa,to sleep.Her back legs went the night before and l sat up with her all night, praying that it was just stiff muscles or even a trapped nerve, but l think l knew deep down that it was more serious.In the morning when she tried to get up, the other leg had gone too.The vet said that Chispa's nervous system was failing and that she has had a fabulous life but it was now time to say we let her go, as we love her too much to see her suffer. She was nearly 17 and had never had a days illness in her life, thank God. This is the first morning without her and l am so overwhelmed with sadness,as we all are.Its never an easy time to lose a much loved pet, but today is my nieces birthday, Sara my daughter has her birthday and graduation this week too... We will be fine once we realise we did the right thing, but its just so hard at the moment... So , if l don't visit or comment for a few days, you know why.l will get back into the challenges as soon as l can , but for now l need to have some me time..Here is a pick of her still guarding the house and basking in the sun ! Wishing all my lovely friends a nice day ! Hugs susan x