Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Update entry !

Afternoon everyone, Its been a beautiful day and very warm too. Popped into town this morning for some bits and pieces. l got up straight yesterday workwise, which was good as Sara didn´t have Uni today . She was thankful to have a bit of a rest after her 3 and half hour exam yesterday in 'Accountancy' . We decided to go and have a coffee in the lovely sunshine and chat about the plan for after graduation in June.. Marcos ( my son who now lives with his GF in the Uk since march ) rang to say he was coming home for his birthday in May for the weekend with Sam his GF, l am so pleased ! l miss him so much,we all do .l know he is 23, soon to be 24, but, ..well you know what l mean ..its a 'MUM ' thing, right ? l can´t wait to see them ! This afternoon l have been looking at a fabulous recipe book that my lovely friend Laverne, who lives in N.Ireland sent me in a RAK..its brilliant ! Its put together by the employees of the 'Northern Bank' which is where she works too, and the recipes are fab..the proceeds go to the 'Northern Ireland Cancer fund for children'.A very worthy cause....... Amanda my youngest (16) dragged herself away from her iPod, and to listening to 'Justin Beiver '! her singing hero of the moment..l swear l know all the words to his CD as it is constantly playing in the car! to which l change for 'Michael Buble' BUT, only when she exits, hehe...l rule, well im theory LOL !! Anyway, she has been jotting down all the new recipes that she fancy's to try this weekend !... Does it seem like l am always eating and drinking coffee LOL! Wishing you all a lovely evening..Take care my friends.. Hugs susan X


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day - and I know what you mean about the 'mum' thing - I will be exactly the same as you when Brandon is all grown up. I hope you all have a lovely time when Sam comes home - Michelle xx

  2. So glad you are getting Marcos back for a little visit. Your family is so close I imagine it has been tough since he went esp as Sara isn't that long home. Have a fab time once he is back. Gonna email you real soon.

    Hugs Nic x

  3. Susan,
    know exactly what you mean abt being just a mum.... sorry to tell you Susan,it doesn't get any better,even when married and left home,even when they have their own kids...we all still worry..as you say its a mum thing lol,
    Luv Maureen xx

  4. Hi Susan, thanks for the comments on my blog. It's great to have an update on your family.
    We are all fine, Hannah has finally got a job in Canada so is back in the world of work. Ruth is about to sit her degree finals and is job hunting, so far unsuccessfully but she has an interview at the end of the month after exams are over. Stephen's Dad appears to be doing well and is keeping himself busy.
    Hope you are all well
    Hugs Jackie x

  5. How lovely it will be to have Marcos home for his birthday Susan. Hope Sara has done well in her exam. Have fun trying out the recipes in Laverne's book. I must get it out of my kitchen cupboard and re-read it as I know there are some great ideas there. x


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