Friday, November 6, 2009

Morning everyone ....

Hi everyone ! Pouring of rain all night and looks like it will be the same all day today! Don´t get me wrong! l actually love the rain and wintery weather,perhaps because we have our fair share of hot, sunny weather during the summer months ! Its been a busy week ! and l have not been able to visit many of you,so l do apologise !l had really started getting into the challenges , better said, l was attempting to enter a few and gradually build up.This week l haven´t been able to keep up, nor have l even mentioned some of the great challenges that are taking place this again,l apologise !...l envy alot of you crafters that manage to juggle days are so full of other things... my business, the house ,family meals and HW stuff,school runs etc, even the weekends are busy with people coming and going..l am not complaining but l would love to have a bit of time to sit and concerntrate on my crafting without constant interuptions !!...oh dear, sorry everyone ! susan´s rant is now over !! hehe.. Hope you all have a nice day, and good luck with all your challenges ! X

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  1. I'm behind with my crafty things too, (shhh! don't tell, but I've just posted a birtday card a month late!)
    There's a little something on my blog for you


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