Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank you Tracy

l received this gorgeous award from one of my lovely scottish friends, Tracy ( Queenie ) ! Thank you so much for thinking of me, you are a very kind person,and l am so glad we are friends ! Here are the rules... One of the conditions of accepting this lovely Award is to give away five things about yourself, and then pass it onto five lovely people. 1, l think l am a kind person. 2, l hate cruelty to animals. 3, l have a love/Hate relationship with " Glitters " 4, l am addicted to chocolate ! seriously ! 5, My favourite time of year is Christmas ! Here are my 5 lovely people...l will leave you all messages to come and collect this beautiful award ! curt, jackie, Michelle, Denyze, Louise l would also like to thank Heike for this same award, it was so thoughtful and kind of her,sending you a hug X

Sunday, September 27, 2009


l am so sorry everyone......this is well overdue ! We had a fantastic time in San Diego, we always do ! l managed to find a lovely craft shop there too, its called PaperTales its such a lovely shop and the owner is a lovely lady too !Hope to go back and see them on my next visit. Sara, is settling back into life over here,she starts back to uni on monday, when she finishes next year,she hopes to go back and work again in San Diego, she had a lovely experience during this past 9 months studying and then working there. Marcos is fine and has been over to Egypt for work and has just got back from delivering a boat to Barcelona. Amanda, has started her new school and has settled down well. Business is going Ok, we have work, but the shop could be doing better. Patience, l suppose ! Its getting towards the end of the summer season here,and things are getting much quiter.Its not been a good summer here for alot of business´s, l wonder what the winter will be like.Most business´s close here from end of Oct till March ! we will just cross our fingers ! Here are few recent makes...Thank you for having a peek ! l will be stopping by to leave some comments on your blogs shortly !.. Today its blogging day ! x