Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Evening !

Hope everyone has had a lovely day has been good, spoke with both Marcos and Sara today whilst l was sat on the beach this afternoon ! its amazing when you think about it..l was speaking with Marcos who is working this week in Egypt.Then,10mins later l was speaking with Sara who is working in San Diego,CA.....and me ? well,l was sat here on the Island of Mallorca ! talk about spread across the world! hehe Looks like marcos might not be home this weekend,the owner of the boat (that he has gone to sea trial and check over) has asked if Marcos can stay on and complete another job on another of his luxury boats , but l think its because the owner was talking to Marcos and they have the same hobbies..scuba diving ( both are master divers )water sports etc , the owner has invited him on saturday to go diving and deep sea we will have to wait and see ! Sara is fine, and looking forward to us going back over at the end of this month.She will be returning with us as she has University starting in September,its her last year and when she graduates next June, she wants to go back to Cali,she loves the american way of life... Amanda is fine and yesterday we made cards, we do alot of things together,her card was gorgeous ! today she made chocolate muffins, and they were delicious ! lets see what she wants to do tomorrow ! well, l am going to go visit a few more blogs and thats it for me tonight...sweet dreams everyone X


  1. Hi susan
    Modern technology is amazing isn't it, lucky you sat on the beach while talking to your family. It won't be long until you go bring Sara home now and Marcos sounds like he is enjoying his time in Egypt too.
    Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog, Hannah and Michael are fine thanks just been talking to her and Stephen has been helping her set up her new mobile phone.
    Glad you are having fun with Amanda, wonder what she will make tomorrow
    Sweet dreams
    Hugs Jackie x

  2. Susan,you are a special lady,isn't it amazing being able to talk yet still be far away! Sounds like you had a lovely time,hope tomorrow is as good as today,you deserve it..
    As you know Susan,not been to good,but will get there,with a little help from my beautiful family and my lovely friends,I count you as a very dear one.
    Take care Luv Maureen xx

  3. What a cosmopolitan (well almost!) family you are. Not blogged for a while so I didn't realise Marcos was in Egypt, and while some people complain about technology, I'm so glad someone invented the mobile phone!!!!

    Have a good day



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