Sunday, August 23, 2009


l have had no time to update this week or, come to visit my lovely friends ! l promise that today l will try to get to see you all..its been one of those weeks and now l have had family arrive ( not to stay at my home, they have an apartment of their own )its lovely to see them, but it also takes up alot of time, so please bear with me, look forward to seeing all your lovely makes ! X


  1. Hi Susan,
    I know what you mean about family taking up so much time, Ruth is home for the summer before her final year at uni and although she is totally independent etc I still haven't got as much time for crafting, blog hopping etc.
    Look forward to you popping by when you have time
    hugs Jackie x

  2. Hey Susan,
    don't fret about not being here on your blog!!
    We all have weeks like yours!!!
    Also you have friends over to stay,maybe not with you,but you will want to see them all,have fun and enjoy yourself.
    You deserve it!
    Life is to short,so you enjoy it to the fullest.
    Look forward to hearing all about their visit,when you have time to tell us all about it....
    Take care & Enjoy Life.
    Luv Maureen xxx

  3. Susan,sorry meant to say,when you have time,can you visit my blog,have something for you.
    Luv Maureen x


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