Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday ! and Ice Cream Sundae...Mmmmm

and of a course a quick update...glad to say that Amanda seems so much better now ! and Hubby had a good birthday yesterday.We all went out for a meal,it was lovely,but we always notice more the absence of Sara when its a family event,still we are going back to San Diego on the 30th of August and she will be returning with more sad goodbye´s ! well, at least not till next year.She has had such a fab time over there, and wants to go back next year after she graduates with her degree in Tourism and Hotel management ! crossing our she has only this year till she finishes.. l am sure that most of you have seen the terrible events that took place this week here on the island..such a tragedy ! and for what ?...they could have caused a masacre,with the amount of tourists that are in that area...later, they found another bomb outside another barracks...l live in the north of the island, so we were safe,thank god ! Here, these last few weeks the Island has had loads of local fiestas...and tonight in the old town of Pollensa there is music all night..Marcos (my son ) got in this morning at 5 and had work this morning at 9...tonight, he will probably be at the fiesta all night too !hopefully he will nap this afternoon when he finishes work! Boys!..we will probably go along for a couple of hours,but thats it.. Here is a card l made the other day !...l could eat that sundae now ! and well, all the rest too...see you all a bit later x

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  1. hi Susan, glad you are safe from the bombs, hope you enjoy the fiesta this evening and it passes off safely

    Your card is gorgeous, I could just eat that ice cream

    Take care
    hugs Jackie x


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