Monday, August 3, 2009


Hi everyone !.. The local Fiestas have finally come to an end! they are always good but its a long two weeks hehe! weather today very changeable, the sun seems to be playing "hide and seek"...but its still very warm ! Amanda now seems fine, which is a relief..starting to think about our next holiday to San Diego and seeing Sara again..time seems to be flying will be autumn soon.Started making a real effort to get back into my card making..its always so difficult when you are having a lot of stress from other areas of life..the business has been a huge worry, but things seem to be going OK, after cutting staff and expenses.It means l am much busier now as l am back at the shop in the mornings, and also doing my job aswell..the accounts work, bank, bills, and seeing the clients etc...but if tha´s what it takes..thats what l have to do...Hubby runs the workshop and is in the shop as well, and does the afternoons so l can get on with the house and family things....phew ! do us women do it ?....l know, l know...we are a multi tasking super force !! This is a card l made the other day...have a nice afternoon girls ! x

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  1. Lovely card Susan, I'm so pleased Amanda is better now

    hugs Jackie x


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