Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well done girls!

Today l have been visiting some blogs...there are some gorgeous makes you have all been very busy...well done ! Took Marcos to the airport this afternoon,he´s off to Birmingham to see his GF.She was suppose to come here this weekend to celebrate her birthday next tuesday,but her dad is still in hospital and she is worried enough to stay there just in case,plus she is running the business´s for him so she is a bit stressed out...Marcos has gone to give her some support and spend Sam´s birthday with her there..Today, she is so happy and can´t wait for him to arrive hehe...he will arrive there around 6pm uk time.. Waiting for a call from Sara will close this post now...wishing you all a lovely evening..Need to start making some cards soon or at least attempt some,just not getting into it at the will come back,l´m sure. X


  1. Hi Susan,
    Don't worry you will get back into it soon.
    I hope Sara and Marcos enjoy their time together and thank you so much for your comments on my makes - missed you and your input. Me, Col and Brandon are all fine and hope you and yours are too - hopefully chat too you soon - Michelle x

  2. Susan,not been on line very much lately,just came on and decided to visit some of my fav' blogs!!! Hope the holiday goes well for them,sure they will enjoy it.
    Now need to let you know,I'm not worried a bit about you saying creative juices not great just now,CAUSE I know you can do anything you put your mind to!! You always do so many pretty and lovely items,so can't wait to see your next make!!! We all get bit of block now and then,but you will be back making very soon..I await your next make,so come on girl.. I know you can do it.
    Take care Luv Maureen xx

  3. Susan,great to see you back and hope the family are all okay.
    When you have a mo can you pop by mine as i have something for you.
    look forward to seeing and reading what you have been up to.
    big hugs

  4. Hi Susan,

    Glad to see you back, hope you've got your mojo back, I hate it when it happens to me...sit for ages just looking at paper and getting nowhere. Which part of Birmingham does Sam live in?

  5. Omg, that's my OH stomping ground when he was a teen. He comes from Castle Bromwich which is very near. We were in Coleshill a few weeks ago, looking at a new craft shop that's opened inside Three Spires stationers. Sam will probably know it. What a small world.

    Thanks for the lovely comments.



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