Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just an update !

Hi all, Sorry l have not updated since last week....but had a lot on.Firstly,Amanda has been quite poorly,with a bad dose of flu..they said it wasnt swine flu as she didnt have any respiratory problems,but she certainly ticked all the other boxes !! so been home taking care of her..she has also had another problem,that has been worrying but l am hoping that too will begin to stop,if not l will need to get that checked out,as she is feeling very drained having the two things at once (l think you get what l am meaning)...So l have managed to get some cards made and sent out,and l am begining to stock up again,as over on the CB forum there are quite a few birthdays next month.. We have had a heat wave over here,with temps..over 110.at lunchtime the other day..its come down a bit now,but still very hot.Thank god for the A/C..phew ! here are a few cards...My hubby´s birthday card..he is a director of the football here,so this will suit him ..The other is for a special person...sshhhh and has gone travelling...hehe


  1. Hi susan, both great cards
    I'm pleased Amanda is feeling a bit beter and hope she soon is fully recovered, poor thing 2 things at once

    Hugs jackie x

  2. Hi Susan,

    Sorry to hear Amanda has been so ill. I had no idea but hope she will soon be feeling much better.
    Love your cards ... bet hubby will be delighted with his sporty one and the blue beauty is just so elegant. Whoever receives that will be very lucky indeed.



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