Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Strawberry Fairy !

l have decoupaged this fairy..and found some pretty strawberry paper to go with it...added some ribbon and pearls..and, thats it ! Thank you for looking X

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thank you Maureen....Glitzzy !

Thank you so much for this gorgeous award,you truly are a lovely person !please pop over to maureen her blog is very inspirational !...As the rules go,l have to pass this little beauty onto 10 special people....well l have decided that you are very special ! so l would like to award this to everyone who visits me ! Thank you once again X

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just an update !

Hi all, Sorry l have not updated since last week....but had a lot on.Firstly,Amanda has been quite poorly,with a bad dose of flu..they said it wasnt swine flu as she didnt have any respiratory problems,but she certainly ticked all the other boxes !! so been home taking care of her..she has also had another problem,that has been worrying but l am hoping that too will begin to stop,if not l will need to get that checked out,as she is feeling very drained having the two things at once (l think you get what l am meaning)...So l have managed to get some cards made and sent out,and l am begining to stock up again,as over on the CB forum there are quite a few birthdays next month.. We have had a heat wave over here,with temps..over lunchtime the other day..its come down a bit now,but still very hot.Thank god for the A/C..phew ! here are a few cards...My hubby´s birthday card..he is a director of the football here,so this will suit him ..The other is for a special person...sshhhh and has gone travelling...hehe

Friday, July 17, 2009

My Award ...from Queenie...

Look at this beautiful award that the lovely Tracy has given me...pop over and see her gorgeous blog and catch up with all herfamily life and makes....Thank you so much Tracy ! hugs x l will now nominate 10 blogs and leave you all a message to come and collect this beautiful award... 1,maggie 2,Karen 3,Stacey 4,Denyze 5,Erin 6,Maureen 7,Michelle 8,Max 9,Sarah 10,Louise

Thursday, July 16, 2009

my nieces birthday cards !

Becky´s birthday card After much encouragement from my lovely friend Maureen (Glitzzy),l decided to get my hands back on some crafting is what l made for the twins (my nieces ) was their birthday last tuesday the 14th.They loved the cards and l popped around to my sister´s in the afternoon for some cakes! yes, Cakes ! hehe and a couple of cups of tea!.My sister also lives here on the island and we see each other most days whenever we can.Her twins Ana and Becky are the now the same age as Amanda (15) and they go everywhere together which is nice.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Well done girls!

Today l have been visiting some blogs...there are some gorgeous makes you have all been very busy...well done ! Took Marcos to the airport this afternoon,he´s off to Birmingham to see his GF.She was suppose to come here this weekend to celebrate her birthday next tuesday,but her dad is still in hospital and she is worried enough to stay there just in case,plus she is running the business´s for him so she is a bit stressed out...Marcos has gone to give her some support and spend Sam´s birthday with her there..Today, she is so happy and can´t wait for him to arrive hehe...he will arrive there around 6pm uk time.. Waiting for a call from Sara will close this post now...wishing you all a lovely evening..Need to start making some cards soon or at least attempt some,just not getting into it at the will come back,l´m sure. X

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hi everyone,l´m back !!

Just popped on to say Hi to everyone !..we had a great time in San Diego visiting Sara.She is so happy there and is enjoying every was sad the morning that we left and tears were shed,but we are going back on the 30th of august to collect her and her things and return altogether.She loves her summer job at the Hyatt,and Sara introduced us to everyone,apparently they couldn´t wait to meet us ! hehe.. We have been to San Diego before a few times but it was lovely just being there and going on the trolley and bus with sara to her work then Amanda and l went off and did our thing.Later we would return all together to the hotel (Sara moved in with us at the hotel while we were there )she even managed to get 2 full days free,so we were able to visit the San Diego county fair..that was fabulous !we never stopped laughing when we were on the rides etc...we even did our nails and feet, a real girly time... l have been so busy this week with work matters and signing amanda in for her new school...hope to catch up on all your blogs this weekend,so look out for my visit hehe !..Hubby and Marcos were fine and the house looked ok on my return...chispa our little dog, was fine too (thank god ) she is now 16,so l am always worried when l go away,you know...just in case...... well my lovely friends,hope you have all been good and kept well..l will be back tomorrow and post some picks... Susan x