Monday, June 22, 2009

See you all soon !!!!

Hi everyone, Just updating before Amanda and l leave tonight for the airport..we are going around 4.45..its an hours journey to the airport from the north of the island....our first flight is to Madrid ( 1hr.15mins) and it leaves at 7.20am...our next flight leaves at 12.35...Madrid to Philladelphia (9hrs)...then we have the last flight...Philladelphia to San Diego..(6hrs) we are travelling around 23 hours...long, long day...very tiring...but oh so worth it !! is a pic of Sara´s birthday card,that l am taking there for her to open next month july 18th.. we are returning on the 5th of July, so hope to update with some pics and news... Hope you all keep well and behave ! hehehe.. will miss you all loads,my good friends, but l know you will keep my seat warm!! Hugs to you all....XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


  1. Hi Susan - I hope you have a wonderful time with Sara and your card for her is beautiful - the journey sounds awfully long so hope you are not too jet lagged. Sorry not been in touch much but have been really busy with Brandon and work. I will miss you, so hurry back hun - Michelle x

  2. By the time you read this, I hope you'll be fully rested and raring to go,:)

    Seriously, hope you've had a fantastic time visiting Sara, and there weren't too many tears when it was time to come home.


  3. this is a fantastic card, you are so creative,

    sarah x


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