Thursday, May 21, 2009


Thank you everyone who has left me a comment..l am so sorry that l have not been over to visit you all,or infact have not updated on my own blog.....l have got alot on at the mo..and l am feeling very stressed out and a bit overwhelmed..l can´t concertrate on crafting at the moment.I will definately get back into the swing of things,soon!..l miss you girls.. take care hugs & love X


  1. Susan so sorry to hear how you are feeling,take your time and look forward to catching up with you soon but till then
    take care
    love and marshmallow hugs

  2. Hey Susan,
    please don't worry about not up dating your blog!! We all get a bit behind at one time or another,as we all have many other things going on in our life's.Just know we are all thinking of you,I know I am missing you,will keep you in my prayers,till you have stuff all sorted out.
    Take good care Luv Maureen xxx
    Ps Look forward to seeing you back soon.x

  3. You are missed too Susan - I hope things get better for you and you feel less stressed and overwhelmed too - you can bend my ear if you like - Its so nice of you to let us all know your still around and thinking of us - take care hun - love Michelle x

  4. So sorry to hear you are feeling so stressed and overwhelmed at the minute, hope things improve for you soon
    Please don't worry about updating your blog until things improve we all have things that get in the way occasionally, am thinking about you and miss you.
    Please take car, hugs Jackie

  5. Hi Susan,
    just checking in,to let you know we are all thinking about you.
    Take care Luv Maureen xx

  6. I'll add my name to the list of shoulders if you need one to lean on :)
    I haven't been the greatest blog buddie either over the last few months but thankfully people have been very patient and understanding about it and have continued to leave messages even when there's no new posts which has been a great boost to me on dark days especially.
    Just hope that your situation improves soon but meantime, know that all your friends are thinking about you and sending hugs.



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