Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick update

Hi everyone, l am trying to get around and leave you all comments on your lovely work ! Unfortunately,l am still so busy with work matters and we are now extra busy with lots of work etc, so l am now covering the shop and all the accounts work,so at the moment that is the priority. Will try to get on more at the weekend ! miss you all X


  1. Hope work calms down soon for you, miss seeing your lovely makes.
    Take care Susan and try not to work too hard
    Hugs Jackie

  2. Don't worry about doing visits. I was away for a while myself, some things are more important.
    In this economy it's good to be busy!
    Take care & I look forward to seeing your makes when you're able to do them.

    Thanks for your comments on my makes.


  3. Hi Susan.
    Thank you for finding time to visit me, especially as I know how incredibly busy you are right now :)
    Just hope you're not knocking yourself out trying to do too much. Make time for yourself and your family and when you have a little spare time enjoy some R+R.


  4. Susan,
    don't fret about not getting round to blogs etc!! You carry on with what you have to do,everyone understands,we have all been there.
    Take care Luv Maureen xx


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