Sunday, April 5, 2009

So excited....

Evening everyone, l just found out that l am one of Max´s Spring Madness candy winners!..l am so excited ! it has made my day..l have been under alot of stress lately with work matters, and not been able to think about much else...l got those lovely awards the other day,so l feel so cheered up!.. We have had a sunny weekend...YAY!...its been a lousy week for my friends who went home last friday,they never saw the sun for the week that they were here...l have been quite busy this weekend,l finished all my easter preparations,and gave out pressies to friends..sorted the garden out too after the bad weather,l have lost alot of plants,they got waterlogged..after all that hard work l put in,oh well ! Today, we went to the Marina, and sat on the terrace in the sun and had a glass of wine..we had lunch out at the "El Ancla" restaurant which is in front of the beach.Leo,Ana and their family have been friends of ours since their kids and ours were small,so we still go their often...we had prawns done in garlic,and grilled squid..delicious! blackcurrant cheescake to follow...yes,l know,l am suppose to be on a diet! but hey! it is sunday!! sweet dreams everyone X


  1. Aww Susan what a shame that your visitors didn't see the sunshine while staying with you and sad that your garden suffered too.
    Sounds like you had a lovely lunch though, sounded quite idilic

  2. Sorry the weather hasn't played nice and that work has been stressful ... but glad I was able to bring a wee glimmer of sunshine into your day. :)
    Will get your prize in the post Monday.
    Thanks for joining in the madness LOL!


  3. Woohooooo susan for winning some of maxs fab stash!!!!


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