Wednesday, April 1, 2009

living in the sun !..or, maybe not ....LOL

Hello all, Yet another rainy,miserable day,and damn chilly too.l have put all the heating back on!..its been like this since poor friends arrived on Saturday too and they have not seen the sun.The problem is she loves to craft,so she could come here to mine and craft away all day..BUT, being as she is here with her hubby...its a bit difficult for her to dump him lol! Sara has been in LA for spring break...they had a wonderful time in Long Beach..some friends have a boat and they all went sailing then went to their house for a BBQ in the evening..she was going to "six flags" on Sunday..she is certainly living the dream !Amanda is now finishing off far so good !l was worried as l took her out of school for 2 weeks to go to the states in January,but it didn´t do her studies any harm,thank god !..Marcos is thinking of changing his job,he earns a lot of money,but is not quite a bit going on at home at the moment... Hope you are having a lovely day..x

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  1. So much going on Susan,mind and take time for yourself and hope the weather improves!!


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