Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just popping on to say Hi !... Pouring of rain again today...its actually not stopped.Been to the office this morning,saw my sister for a coffee and came home to get lunch...l should be making a few cards,but l have been looking at the blogs l lot are really talented !..going to have a relaxing evening tonight and watch American Idol..going to make a cup of tea and have a few biscuits too...anyone want to join me ? ...Tea for Two ! Have a great evening all X


  1. i will join you, love american pop idol and tea and biccys! lol

    Have a relaxing evening

  2. Tea and biscuits sounds lovely. Poor you having the rain, we have had a beautiful day today but I have been working, I am off now though until Monday, I only work part time
    Hope the weather is kinder to you tomorrow

  3. Susan,can you visit my blog,I have something for you!
    Luv Maureen x


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