Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter everyone !!

Wishing all of you a very Happy Easter ! l got a beautiful ATC and RAk from "sparklingblackrose" on the CB forum !that was so kind of her and totally unexpected,l have posted a pic of it all under "lovely surprises " label... well, this morning picked up Sam(Marcos´s GF)at the airport she´s here till monday,which is nice..the weather been drizzling all day,hope tomorrow is better.Sam is bringing over the Flower Fairy CD trio,that l ordered from create and craft a few weeks ago,l had it sent to her in the UK, so l could save on the international P& l look forward to playing with the CD´s over the weekend...havent had time to craft this week,nor have l felt like it.So l am hoping these CD´s will get me started....Amanda, did very good at school this term,she had a good school report,so we are very pleased...she deserves a treat ! Will update again soon ...take care everyone..sending you all hugs X

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