Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a lovely day !

Yesterday, l bought a second hand bike from a friend...its new! and worth much more than the 50 euros l paid..anyway, today Amanda and l had a great bike ride, it was another beautiful morning,sun shining and lovely and warm,not quite normal for march,but still...going to enjoy it while it lasts !..we also stopped and had a lovely breakfast in a cafe infront of the beach,we sat outside and it was glorious!this afternoon planted a few plants,but didn´t sort the patio furniture out..maybe tomorrow...made this card to...hope you are all having a good day !


  1. What a fresh pretty card Susan.
    The sun was shining here too for most of the day ... was quite warm too out of the breeze.


  2. I love this card, especially those words on the front - colours are lovely too ! Sounds like you had a lovely day and you'll be staying super fit on your bike ! - Michelle x


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