Sunday, March 15, 2009

Relaxing day....

Not done much at all today....this morning went into town to get the papers and visit the bakers!!!ahhh, the lovely smell of baking bread,and fresh pastries...temptation! and l confess,l gave in ! how could l not?...then had a lovely walk around the marina...Marcos( my son ) had got up early to take the jet ski was perfect,the sea was like a lake! so he had some fun,the sea is too cold for me at the moment..later, went out to lunch,had a lovely Paella and bluberry cheesecake to follow..What? did you actually think l would keep to my diet after the breakfast l had...when l go off the rails...l go OFFFFFFF.... Going to do a bit of crafting soon.....Spoke with Sara today..she is enjoying the tennis at Indian Wells,Palm Springs...she saw Andy Murray play yesterday...and she has another full day of tennis today,she is going to watch Nadal play...she use to play in the same tennis tournaments as Nadal when he was starting out, here in Mallorca...well,l am off now...hope you are all having a nice day...X

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  1. If you're going to do something then do it well I say ... so stuff the diet for a day and pig out LOL!
    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day Susan. I've just taken Niall to the station to go back to Uni after a weekend home ... always hate waving him off even though he's only 30 miles away LOL!

    Might get some crafty creations on the go later, after dinner is finished and the ironing is done ... bleurgh!



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