Saturday, March 7, 2009

Morning Saturday...

Sunny and bright far!...not got nothing planned today,so l am playing around on here....l have just had a look at some other blogs..gosh,l still have so much to learn..oh well...sigh Marcos got home safely last night,he is going to show me all the pics later..amanda is still sleeping,so l am going to get the HW out the way and generally relax today..will speak to Sara later,which will be great..l have SKYPE so l get to see her too, and we can talk for ages and its FREE...which is a bonus! Off to have a cup of tea..and get started...need to finish some cards too... l am going to try to get around to visit some more blogs later..phew,did l say "relaxing day" my plans all change by noon !


  1. Hope you managed to have a relaxing day after all that!! lol

  2. Hi Susan,

    Just wanted to thank you for popping by my blog today and joining my merry band of followers.
    Sorry I've not been around CB forum recently, but just not enough hours in the day and online time is limited by pain levels.
    Will pop back again soon.



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