Friday, March 6, 2009

Hi everyone.....

Bright,cold and windy..we seem to have a bit of everything these days!.well,not much happening today.Made a few cards for some friends on the CB forum,lots of birthdays this month..done a bit of HW and now going to spend some time on here..Spoke to Sara last night and it was lovely seeing her...l miss her so much.Marcos back tonight from skiing,he had agreat time,and even managed to have dinner with some friends who live in Andorra,so he was pleased.Loads of snow,so they hit the slopes everyday.. well,off to speak to a couple of friends later x

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  1. I spy ... with my little eye ... something beginning with 'M'
    Mulberry paper LOL! I love how it looks when the edges are all feathered like that.

    PS: Hope you saw my 'Thank You' on CB for the beautiful card you sent me last month. I was such a lucky girl to receive so many cards.


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