Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hello Saturday.....

Awoke to a lovely,sunny day..had things to do at home...the normal HW and a big clear out of wardrobes and drawers....did l do it? nah, decided a bit of crafting and a relaxing day were in order...was it worth it? you bet!!and l did´nt feel guilty the afternoon had a sporting event to go was lovely sitting in the warm daughters team lost...but they had fun...came home and went on the CB forum to catch up on the posts.The forum is much apart of my daily life now,l often wonder what l did before !...l feel blessed to have lots of lovely friends who l chat with on a daily basis.....Heard from sara,she is in Palm Springs this weekend to watch the Indian Wells tennis tournament,Lucky girl!!....tonight,l have nothing planned...great! l can catch up with some crafting,and nosy around the blogs...and of course the forum...oh,before l forget,here are some of todays cards...have fun everyone..

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  1. Such pretty cards Susan
    I also love reading your little insights into your life in Spain. I have never visited the country so for me, it all seems a little exotic and exciting. Maybe, I will manage to get over there one day to see for myself


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